Thursday, December 18, 2008

What is Steps?

HIV/AIDS – a small & simple word yet seemingly big & harmful to many young people out there. There is hardly anyone who would say he / she has not heard of these two words. However, only hearing and really knowing are two totally different matter.

HIV/AIDS is a Chronic Manageable Disease - one of the world’s toughest fight especially among young people. It is known worldwide that in every 6 seconds a person is infected with HIV/AIDS somewhere.

In Malaysia alone, there are 80,938 reported cases of HIV/AIDS and the numbers are expected to grow with time. In a recent unofficial live interview survey, 19 out of 20 Malaysian youths who were interviewed have definitely heard of HIV/AIDS but do not have a single clue of what it is all about. In fact, ask any youth what exactly does AIDS stands for and do not be surprised that few can really give you the answer.

“We (youth) can do something. Let’s STEP up, unite and make our voices heard.”


Steps is a nationwide youth brand campaign set to inspire, unite and empower youths aged between 15-24 (UNAIDS) in pushing back HIV/AIDS nationwide. Founded by youth brand entrepreneur, Bernard Hor, Steps is a collaboration project between concept owner, Summer Sands Production Sdn Bhd and the Malaysian Aids Council.

Steps is a combination of conceptualized parts ie. Positive Connection Tour, Positive Mentors, PEACE School program, Champions Drill, Steps Ambassadors, HIV Champions and the grand finale of the Inspire Concert.

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